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Here are some ideas we have seen used for fund raising at your event.


You may be able to get local shops and businesses to donate small prizes. If the tickets are only sold on the night and the prizes are drawn on the night there is no need for a licence to operate the raffle. Television companies will often donate signed photographs of props from programmes.


Auction / Silent Auction

If you have some more substantial prizes available an auction or silent auction can be very effective at raising funds.

To conduct a silent auction place a sheet of paper by each item, guests the enter their bids on the sheet as the evening progresses. As more beer flows the bidding gets more generous!

You could get people to volunteer to be sold as “slaves” as part of the auction. A good cook may offer to cook a slap up meal, or a handy man might volunteer to do some decorating or gardening.



Pre printed quizzes are good activities to have ready at the start of the evening. They can keep the early guest busy until the main events start. The sheets can be sold for a pound and a donated prize given to the winning group.

Quizzes could have themes linked to the evening, e.g. 1960’s, sport, etc.

Picture quizzes with famous faces from an era are always fun.

If you are expecting a wide range of age groups then include some questions on modern celebrities and music to get them involved.


Soft Drink Cocktails

Popular if you have a lot of younger people. Mixing these things can only improve the taste!


Guess the Contents

Have a large jar of sweets, and charge guests to guess the correct number in the jar. Nearest wins the jar and its contents. Count the contents before the event, but keep it a secret.